Ventura/Oxnard Sand Berm Removal For The Birds

Sunday March 03, 2024

(Top photo by VCFD PIO)

(Bottom photo from California State Parks)


     Those sand berms created in late December to protect coastal communities in Ventura and Oxnard from the high surf are being removed starting Monday to make way for a little bird.

     Nesting time for the federally protected Western Snowy Plover is just around the corner and the berms need to be removed and the beaches restored to their natural habitat.

     There are two berm areas, one about .75 of a mile in the Pierpont Beach section of Ventura and the other two miles in Oxnard.

     The deconstruction of the berms will involve the same heavy equipment that created them.

     That includes the Ventura County Fire Department's bulldozers plus supporting beach grading equipment from the City of Oxnard and State Parks.

     The operation starts Monday, March 4th between 8 AM and 4 PM each day for five days.