The Cheapest Gasoline In Ventura County Is't So Cheap

Wednesday April 17, 2024


     Updated--The cheapest gasoline in Ventura County isn't that cheap these days.

     According to Gas Buddy the top three cheapest places to buy gasoline in the county are all at $4.95 a gallon Wednesday morning.
     That includes Silvas on Ventura Boulevard in Ventura, Sinclair on Harbor Boulevard in Ventura, and the 7-Eleven on Harbor Boulevard in Ventura.
     At Sinclair and the 7-Eleven it's it you pay cash, at Silvas it's always by card.
     Meanwhile, according to Wednesday morning's Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey, the average price for the cheapest grade of gasoline in Ventura County is $5.41 a gallon.
     That's a nickel less than the statewide average in California but $1.75 more than the current national average.
     According to Triple-A the current average price in Ventura County is 42 cents more than it was a month and a year ago.