Retail Blitz 2

The Camarillo Premium Outlets Turned Into One Big Trap For Thieves

Tuesday June 11, 2024

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Retail Blitz

(Photos courtesy VCSO)

     For a couple of days at the end of May and beginning of June if you were a criminal up to no good at the Camarillo Premium Outlets you picked the wrong place.

     A small army of law enforcement personnel went on a shopping spree for bad people and came away with 19.

     The suspects arrested ranged in age from 14 to 44 and came from Los Angeles, Pacoima, Glendale, Van Nuys, and yes, Oxnard.

     The crimes they were busted for included the theft of an estimated $5000 worth of merchandise, firearms violations, possession of a false government ID card, burglary tools, meth, fentanyl, and prescription pills.

     Even illegal fireworks.

     The two juveniles in the group, ages 14 and 17, were arrested for shoplifting.

     Most of the adults were arrested for some form of organized retail theft along with those other violations regarding drugs, guns, and contraband.

     This "blitz" operation was sponsored by the Ventura County Organized Retail Theft Task Force with the cooperation of the merchants at the Camarillo Premium Outlets and their security personnel.

     And officials say the task force will be doing more of this on a continuing basis at other locations where they are invited.