Rocky: The Dog That Makes A Difference At The Jail

Monday March 07, 2022

     The Ventura County Sheriff's Office asks "What do you do with a narcotic dog that would rather play fetch, than search for drugs?"

     In the case of "Rocky", you make him the first Emotional Support Therapeutic K-9 for the Ventura County Detention System.

     Rocky, a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever, was purchased and trained with money donated by the community and his presence in the jail system doesn't cost taxpayers any money.

     His partner, Deputy Myron Bennett, still performs his normal duties.

     But they say that Rocky helps increase socialization and treatment compliance for those in jail who struggle with mental illness.

     They say he calms those in crisis and helps to reduce the anxieties of those who have challenges navigating social settings.

     And his presence has a positive impact on everyone's state of mind.