Sespe Rescues

More Details About Saturday Storm Rescues North Of Fillmore

Wednesday April 03, 2024

(Photo courtesy VCSO)

     Updated--More details were released Wednesday about the rescue KVTA told you about regarding hikers stranded by the storm over the weekend.

     Saturday afternoon Copter 9 and Copter 4 responded to the area north of Fillmore where a total of 11 hikers and 3 dogs were stranded by the rising waters of Sespe Creek and the increasingly harsh weather conditions.

     A ground rescue was not possible because of the location.

     The copters were able to land in the area and pick up the hikers and their dogs and airlift them to safety.

     In addition to helping law enforcement, airlifting critically ill or injured patients, and battling wildfires, the Ventura County Aviation Unit is also dispatched on a regular basis to search and rescue missions like the one they conducted on Saturday.