Monday February 12, 2024

     Ventura police are investigating what they say was a large fight at a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts yesterday afternoon at the Ventura County Fairgrounds that resulted in three people being stabbed.

     When officers arrived at the scene they found two stabbing victims who were taken by ambulance to VCMC for treatment.

     A third victim showed up at the hospital on his own.

     The three stabbing victims were described as males ages 33, 43, and 53.

     They were all described by police as being in stable condition.




     Oxnard police say that during the Super Bowl yesterday they were scoring arrests of impaired drivers in that city.

     From 3 PM to 10 PM they held a DUI/DL checkpoint on Victoria Avenue north of Fifth Street.

     At the same time several officers were on roving patrols throughout the city.

     The result was six drivers being arrested for DUI.

     No indication of how many of the six were arrested by the roving patrols and how many were arrested at the checkpoint.




     The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says their detectives checked up on almost three dozen registered sex offenders in an around the City of Fillmore about a week ago to make sure they were in compliance with their registration requirements.

     Detectives say 32 of the 34 were located and found to be in compliance but two others were not found either because they were not home at the time or they had moved and did not inform authorities of their new locations, something that they must do.

     Detectives will do follow up to make sure they are in compliance.

     Law enforcement agencies in Ventura County conduct these compliance checks in various communities around the county on a regular basis in a program that is paid for by the state.




     Simi Valley police say they were alerted to a stolen vehicle traveling through that city by a new automated system of solar powered remote cameras that read license plates.

     It happened on the first of this month and it lead to the location of the vehicle in a parking lot at a 7-11 on Yosemite Avenue and Los Angeles Avenue.

     Police arrested two young women, one from Woodland Hills who was driving the vehicle, and the other from Hemet who was wanted for identity theft and an outstanding warrant.

     Simi Valley police are proposing that these automated license plate reading cameras be set up throughout the city for this very purpose.

     Up to now license plate reading devices have been limited to being in selected patrol vehicles moving around the city.