Austin Eis

Judge Orders Defendant In Deadly Ventura County Crime Spree To Stand Trial

Thursday November 16, 2023

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     Updated--A Ventura County judge Thursday ordered the defendant in the deadly April 2023 crime spree to stand trial on scores of charges including murder and attempted murder.

     The ruling came after a preliminary hearing that began Monday for 25-year-old Austin Eis of Camarillo.

     Eis is facing a host of charges that includes First Degree Murder in the death of 15-year-old Wesley Welling of Thousand Oaks.

     He is alleged to have intentionally and with premeditation drove his vehicle into a crowd of students at a bus stop near Westlake High School on April 18th in what authorities say was his final act of violence that day.

     Welling was killed and three other students were injured.

     Eis is also facing more than two dozen counts of attempted murder related to that incident and the other incidents of violence that day.

     The alleged crime spree began at the Walmart in Simi Valley, then his family's home in Camarillo, and finally the deadly incident involving the Westlake High students at the bus stop in Thousand Oaks.

     Eis has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has denied almost 100 special allegations.

     He is due back in court November 27th to have a trial date set but will be in court Friday regarding a motion in the case.

     Eis remains in the Ventura County Jail being held without bail.