Average Gasoline Prices In Ventura County Holding Steady

Friday May 19, 2023

AAA Survey 051923

     The average price for gasoline in Ventura County is now at $4.90 a gallon according to the Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey.

     It's been hovering around that price now for most of May after hitting $5 a gallon a month ago.

     It's more than a dime higher than the current statewide price in California and $1.36 above the current national average.

     The current average price in Ventura County is $1.17 less than it was a year ago and $1.54 below what it was when we hit a record for Ventura County on October 5th of last year.

     As we approach summer, we will see an increase due to the switchover to the summer blend and also an expected 8 percent increase in the gasoline tax in California among other reasons.   

    As far as diesel fuel is concerned, Triple-A puts the current average price at $5.44 a gallon.

     Average diesel prices have been hovering around $5.45 a gallon for most of May.

     Diesel is $1.12 less than it was a year ago and it is $1.47 below its record high price for Ventura County set in June of last year.