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Average Gasoline Prices In Ventura County Continue To Decline

Tuesday June 21, 2022

      The average price of gasoline in Ventura County continues to decline.

     According to the Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey Tuesday morning it stood at just under $6.37 a gallon which is a nickel lower than the record high of almost $6.42 set a week ago.

     Clearly, still very high but moving in the right direction.

     It's about a penny lower than the current statewide average but $1.40 more than the current national average.

     It is $2.18 higher than it was a year ago.

     Diesel fuel meanwhile stands at more than $6.89 and that is roughly the same over the past week but it is two cents lower than the record high for diesel set on Saturday.

     And diesel is $2.71 higher in Ventura County than it was a year ago.