Tom and Sandy

Live 805 Hosted by Tom & Sandy

Your local entertainment guide to everything in the 805!
From things to do, places to go, to the very best cuisine in Ventura County. And the people you’re likely to see when you get there.

Tom Hilton, a 58 year old Southern California native, has had his fair share of the local culture. Growing up in the hot San Fernando Valley, and graduating with his BA at Cal State Northridge, Tom has expanded his career over the past 30 years in the 805 area as a successful entrepreneur. Owning companies in various facets of business such as, the clothing industry, tool and supply, automotive and current co-owner of  one of the 805's chiquest and most successful design and home furnishing studios, Great Rooms, Tom's determination and drive serve as a constant attribute to his future endeavors. Surrounding himself with three beautiful women on a daily basis, his wife Carol of 26 years, and daughters Nicole, 25 and Victoria, 19, it can be said that Tom is an impeccable listener and a supportive critic. Interested in travel, sports, fishing and the great outdoors, and spending quality time with his wife, Tom's love for adventure and fun add to his already charismatic and outgoing persona.

Tom's love and knowledge of the 805 region and all it has to offer like, wineries, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts and local events, are the essence of what led his interest in hosting a local radio show. He hopes his passion for his beloved area will inspire others to get out there and experience all that the 805 region has to offer.

In the words of his wife, Carol... "If not now, then when??"

Sandy Seekin’s a true native of Ventura County, born in Santa Paula, and raised in the 805!! She currently makes her home in Camarillo with her husband and two children. Sandy considers her close-knit family amongst her greatest accomplishments.
Sandy’s worked in the Ventura County Real Estate field for more than 15 years, culminating in owning her own Escrow Company with her husband, Dave. 

For the past year, Sandy stepped way outside her comfort zone by co-hosting a weekday radio program called “Two Moms and a Mic”. It was here she learned the ins and outs of broadcasting, and found her passion, behind the Mic.

Sandy and her family spend weekends in local restaurants, visiting local wineries, sampling the wonderful outdoor opportunities, and other entertainment options, all in Ventura County.

So, it was only a matter of time, before her passion for broadcasting, and her quest for family based experiences, led her to host Live 805!!
This where you’ll learn about all the fun things to see, do, and taste in Ventura County.

Show Producer:  Jim
Jim Mulligan was born 59 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. He started drumming in the 6th grade and never looked back. High school rock and roll bands got him through the 60’s. He then took a 4 year break to attend, and graduate from, St. Leo University in Florida with a BA in Business Administration.  During those college years, he was active in campus radio events which led to his first business in 1972, known as “The Mad Hatter Sound System”, DJ’ing for parties and nightclubs when disco was not yet a word. He then traveled through the south drumming with a nightclub, show band until 1976 when the rock world brought him to L.A. He met Ann, his wife of 32 years, the first week in town.

A business venture, selling tools to the trade, led him to his buddy, “The Voice” Tom Hilton in 1976. Working together, industrial tools and supplies was their employment, until 2001when their wives got in the act and the four of them opened “Great Rooms Home Furnishings” and “Phoenix Sales”. Jim’s chops stay in rythm by playing with the smooth jazz outfit, “Round Trip” in the Ventura area. He has four children ages 28 thru 20 and one cat named “Critter”.