Ventura County Settles Lawsuit Over Jail Hijab

Monday October 1, 2018

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has settled a lawsuit brought by a Newbury Park Muslim woman over an incident at the County Jail in January of 2017 involving her Hijab, or headscarf.

Jennifer Hyatt claimed that deputies in the jail were disrespectful and had violently removed her Hijab during the booking process.

The Sheriff's Department has and still does dispute her account and they say the security video backs up the department's version of events.

They say deputies were respectful and gentle and at no time did Hyatt indicate unhappiness or anger over the process.

But in order to save the cost of litigation, the county says it has agreed to pay Hyatt $75,000 and they've included what they termed an accommodation policy in their manual regarding religious head coverings.