Ventura County Serial Robbery Suspect Sentenced

Monday July 1, 2019

     A judge Monday sentenced a Ventura County serial robbery suspect to what amounts to a second chance to turn his life around.

   20-year-old Freddy Tavares of Oxnard had earlier pleaded guilty to four counts of second degree robbery in connection with four hold-ups including one at the McDonalds in front of Target on East Main Street last year.

    He and a second suspect were caught after fleeing from that hold-up.

    They, along with two other suspects arrested later, were suspects in a slew of robberies at pizza parlors, convenience stores and other businesses all over western Ventura County.

     The cases of the other suspects are pending.

     The judge sentenced Tavares to 16-years in state prison but suspended that sentenced, placed Tavares on 48 months formal probation, and ordered him to take a year-long drug rehab program.

     He told Tavares if he violates any of the many terms of his probation, or fails to complete the drug rehab program, Tavares would be facing that prison sentence.

     Among a host of other conditions to his probation, Tavares was also ordered to stay away from all McDonalds, Little Caesars Pizza parlors, and 76 gasoline stations, in Ventura County.