Ventura County Jobless Rate For October

Friday November 20, 2020


     Ventura County's unemployment rate for October was 7.1 percent, an improvement over September's 8.3 but still way above the 3.4 percent in October of last year before the pandemic.

     It was lower than California's statewide average of 9 but above the national average which is 6.6 percent.

     As far as jobs are concerned, Ventura County gained 3600 jobs from September to October but lost 26,800 since October of last year.

     As far as September to October, all sectors either gained or stayed the same except for Manufacturing (-300) and Educational and Health Services (-300).

     Year-to-year is another story.

     Every sector showed job losses over the past 12 months, with Leisure and Hospitality, Government, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Educational and Health Services, and Manufacturing, leading the way.

     And with the latest coronavirus restrictions and stay at home order curfews in Ventura County, expect more impacts when the November report comes out.