Ventura County DA Accuses Farm Labor Contractor Of Insurance Fraud

Wednesday November 25, 2020

     The Ventura County District Attorney's Office has filed felony criminal charges against the owner and operator of two farm-labor contracting businesses in Ventura County, Pacific Coast Farm Labor and B&R Farm Labor. 

     Prosecutors are alleging that 49-year-old Robert Zermeno Delara of Fillmore denied his injured employees health and disability benefits to which they were entitled and failed to notify his insurance carriers of industrial injuries sustained by his employees.

     Delara is charged with three felony counts where prosecutors allege he made false or fraudulent statements to discourage injured workers from seeking medical care and four more felony counts alleging he concealed or failed to disclose information that would impact his injured employees' entitlement to benefits.

     The DA's office alleges that Delara's failure to report workplace injuries resulted in premium losses to his workers' compensation carriers of approximately $555,326, as well as additional costs related to the denial of benefits.

     If convicted, Delara could face a maximum possible sentence of up to 11 years. 

     He posted bail and is scheduled to be in court Tuesday for arraignment.