Ventura County Average Gasoline Prices Continue To Fall Heading Into The Holidays

Tuesday November 22, 2022

     Gasoline prices continue to fall in Ventura County as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and people hit the road to visit family and friends.

     According to Tuesday morning’s Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey, the average price for regular unleaded in the county stands at $5.32 a gallon.

     That’s a nickel less than Monday, 23 cents below what it was a week ago, and 55 cents cheaper than a month ago.

     It has dropped by $1.12 since the county hit a record high price on October 5th.

     But it is still 64 cents more than it was a year ago and $1.69 above the current national average.

     According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gasoline in Ventura County remains at Silvas in Ventura at $4.37 and Costco in Oxnard at $4.39 a gallon.

     Diesel fuel continues to stubbornly stay above $6 a gallon with the average price at $6.32 a gallon.