Ventura Considers Hosting The Amgen Again

Sunday October 28, 2018



(Photos of last May's Amgen at the Ventura Pier by Alex Wilson, KVTA News)

    Update: The Ventura Council Monday night approved the plan to host the Amgen in 2019.

     The Ventura City Council Monday night will consider a plan to again be a host city for the Amgen Tour of California.

    This past May Ventura hosted the start of one of the stages of the men's race.

    The plan going before the council Monday night would have Ventura host the finish of one of the men's stages and also host an entire woman's stage, start to finish.

    City officials say being a part of the Amgen brings business and attention to Ventura and that can help boost tourism year round.

     If the council decides to accept the plan, it will also need to approve spending about $177,000 to deal with the costs.