Ventura And Santa Barbara Counties Seeing Double When It Comes To COVID-Related Unemployment Numbers

Friday May 22, 2020


     Even though it's to no one's suprise, the numbers are still stunning when it comes to the April unemployment figures for Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

   Ventura County's rate last month skyrocketed to 14 percent, way above the 4.7 percent in March and way, way above the 3.2 percent in April of last year.

   The number of jobs lost between March and April in Ventura County was a staggering 39,000 with all sectors losing hundreds, if not thousands of jobs as government shut down virtually everything in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading.

   Year-to-year, Ventura County 42,800 jobs, again, with all sectors losing hundreds if not thousands of jobs.

   The only two sectors that showed no change were Mining and Logging, and, Financial Services.

   In Santa Barbara County, the EDD says that the unemployment rate soared to 13.7 percent which was well above the 5.7 in March and very well above April of last year when it stood at 3.4 percent.

   Job losses between March and April were 14,100 and it would have been higher but total farm jobs actually increased by 6600.

   Year-to-year though, 22, 600 jobs were lost in Santa Barbara County, with all sectors, including farm, losing hundreds if not thousands of jobs.

    Both the unemployment rates for Ventura and Santa Barbara counties were slighly less than both the statewide and national averages.