Underground Edison Vault Explodes In Ventura

Sunday October 20, 2019


(Photos courtesy of Ventura City Fire Department)

     Updated--An underground high voltage Southern California Edison vault exploded Sunday afternoon in Ventura causing a power outage in the area.

   It happened shortly after 5 PM on the sidewalk along Monmouth Way which connects Harbor Boulevard and Pierpont Boulevard near the parking structure.

   There were reports the force of the explosion tossed the vault's cover 50 feet away.

   Initial reports were that 2,000 Edision customers lost power.

   By 6 PM it was down to 1500 and by 8 PM it was down to just one.

   The Ventura City Fire Department initially responded to deal with any fire or hazardous but none were found.

   Firefighters had people shelter in place until as they secured the area and waited for Edison.

   Edison crews arrived on scene around 45 minutes later to deal with the problem.

   Monmouth Way was blocked off and the power outage impacted signal lights in the area.