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Trial Enters Phase 2 For Defendants Convicted In Deadly Ventura Parking Structure Shooting

Monday November 28, 2022

     Updated--The trial of two individuals convicted for their roles in a deadly shooting at the Ventura beachside parking structure entered a second phase Monday.

     A Ventura County jury returned guilty verdicts a week ago in connection with a shooting almost three years ago that left one person dead and another wounded.

     They convicted Raymond Bolanos of Oxnard (photo) of murder and attempted murder plus use of a firearm and several other special allegations.

     Meanwhile, the jury convicted Julian Nunez of Ventura on a lesser charge of assault with a firearm and other firearms violations.

     They found him not guilty of shooting out of the vehicle.

     The same jury returned Monday and heard opening statements and testimony on several special allegations regarding the defendants gang affiliation.

     The authorities have said from the beginning that Bolanos and Nunez are gang members and the incident was gang related.

     Both sides then rested their case and the matter could go to the jury for deliberations Tuesday.

     Also Monday, both defendants admitted several other special allegations regarding other issues in this case including past criminal convictions.

     The trial centers on a deadly shooting in January of 2020 in which a vehicle with four people inside got into an altercation with several other people standing outside of another vehicle on the top level of the Harbor Boulevard parking structure in Ventura.

     Shots were fired from Bolanos from inside the vehicle striking two of the people standing outside.

     One of them, Alejandro Hernandez of Ventura, was killed while another person was wounded but survived.