Three Arrested For Oxnard Battery And Stabbing

Wednesday February 27, 2019

     Oxnard police say three people were arrested following an incident Wednesday morning when two people reported being attacked and stabbed not far from an elementary school.

   It was reported in the 1700 block of Gisler Avenue around 10:40 AM.

   The two male victims told officers they were assaulted by two men and stabbed by a woman.

   In addition, some of their property was taken by the suspects.

   Officers searched the area and found three people who matched the description of the suspects.

   The three suspects were positively identified by the victims.

   Police say that 29-year-old Sandy Mukul of Oxnard was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, 30-year-old Jesse Mukul of Oxnard was arrested for battery, and 28-year-old Benny Aguayo of Oxnard was arrested for battery and petty theft.