Thousand Oaks Woman Guilty Of Baseball Bat Attack

Wednesday February 27, 2019

     A Thousand Oaks woman pleaded guilty Wednesday in connection with a strange incident in an Oak Park home in which she used a baseball bat to attack a man while staying at his residence.

   31-year-old Amanda Jaramillo pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon and she admitted the allegation that she caused great bodily injury.

   At the time of the attack in the early morning hours of December 12, 2018, Jaramillo hit the man a number of times on the head and other parts of his body while, according to deputies, "the victim was not in a position to defend himself."

   He was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

   Jaramillo had been staying a the man's residence in the 6000 block of East Smoke Tree Avenue in Oak Park which is an unincorporated area next to Thousand Oaks.

   Deputies said a the time that Jaramillo told them she intended to kill the victim.

   At one point during the legal proceedings against her, Jaramillo's defense attorney declared a doubt about her mental competence to understand the charges against her and aid in her defense.

   After being examined by a psychologist the court determined Jaramillo was mentally competent.

   Then there was an effort to divert her case into mental health court but the court denied that request.

   So Jaramillo is now facing sentencing on March 27th and while the maximum sentence is seven years in prison, prosecutors have agreed to three.