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Theft Of Student Body Funds At Simi High School Leads To Identity Theft Arrests

Friday October 16, 2020

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     Simi Valley police say they've made two arrests following a 4-month investigation into the theft of $7,000 from the Associated Student Body bank account at Simi Valley High School.

     A representative of the school's ASB reported the theft to police who ultimately identified 29-year-old Jake Garcia from West Hills as the suspect who allegedly accessed the account and stole the money.

     Detectives say a search warrant at his residence turned up evidence of identity theft and also led them to a second suspect.

      They allege that 39-year-old Tyla Sorrentino of Woodland Hills provided Garcia with the school's ASB account number as well as other bank account numbers and access information.

       Detectives searched her home and they say they recovered hundreds of items of evidence related to identity theft and Employment Development Department fraud.

        They say two unregistered "ghost" guns, $30,000 in cash, and two stolen care were also recovered.

       Simi police say that Garcia and Sorrentino were arrested for identity theft, while Garcia was also arrested for grand theft and petty theft while Sorrentino was also arrested for felony conspiracy and for the transfer or conveyance identity theft material.

       A third suspect was arrested on weapons charges relating to being a felon in possession of a gun and ammunition.