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Surge Hits Ventura County Labor Market Hard

Friday January 22, 2021

      Unemployment figures for Ventura County were released Friday and as expected the surge and responding stay-at-home order have had their impact on the job market.

     The unemployment rate for Ventura County in December stood at 7.5 percent, up from 6.3 in November and still well above the December rate a year ago before the pandemic which was just 3.4 percent.

     Ventura County's 7.5 percent was lower than California's average of 8.8 percent but a full point higher than the 6.5 percent national average.

     From November to December, Ventura County lost 2500 nonfarm jobs with every sector showing no change or losses except for Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Information, and Business and Professional Services.

     Year-to-year job losses in Ventura County, still pretty bleak with 27,000 fewer jobs, and every sector showed no change of job losses except for Professional and Business Services which gained 200 jobs.