Small Brush Fire Creates Big Traffic Problem In Simi Valley

Thursday July 30, 2020

(Photo courtesy CHP Moorpark)

     A small brush fire caused some big traffic problems in Simi Valley Thursday morning.

   Around 11 AM there was a report of a brush fire that had broken out on a hillside next to eastbound 118 at Rocky Peak near Simi Valley.

   Crews arrived on scene and found the fire backing down on hillside in medium brush.

   They started attacking the flames with crews on the ground and a couple of water-dropping helicopters.

   Within a half hour they had stopped the forward progress of the fire at around two acres and they had what's called a "wet line" around the fire shortly after that.

   The fire was knocked down about a half hour after that.

   It did require the closure of the two right lanes of eastbound 118 and the off ramps from both eastbound and westbound 118 at Rocky Peak creating on backup, especially on eastbound 118.

   Cause of the fire was under investigation.