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Skimmer Scammers Still Plaguing Thousand Oaks

Tuesday July 20, 2021

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(Photos courtesy VCSO)

     Deputies in Thousand Oaks say that community continues to be plagued with thieves who use high-tech skimming devices attached to legitimate ATM machines to steal people's debit and credit card information and ultimately their money.

     This has been going on for several months but the latest twist is who the "skimmer scammers" are targeting.

     Their focus now is the debit cards the California Employment Development Department uses to pay people unemployment benefits.

     The investigation by East County detectives indicated that the EDD debit cards do not contain EMV chips that encrypt the card data.

     Non-chipped debit and credit cards are vulnerable to having the data skimmed.

     The EDD debit cards are distributed by the Bank of America and investigators believe that Bank of America ATMs are targeted by the thieves specifically for that reason.

     The Bank of America was also targeted by the suspects in the skimmer thefts earlier this year in Thousand Oaks.

     The photos are of those two individuals as they installed the devices (also see photos) in the ATMs.