Simi Police Catch Catalytic Converter Thieves

Thursday August 04, 2022

     Simi Valley police say they've captured a group of catalytic converter thieves.

     In the predawn hours of Thursday morning in the area of Township Avenue and Lemon Drive an alert citizen heard the sounds of what they believed was someone cutting a catalytic converter out of a vehicle.

     Officers responded and while checking the area around Penney Drive, they found and arrested the four suspects, all from Los Angeles.

     They found a cut-off catalytic converter along with two floor jacks, a reciprocating saw, and several spare blades in the trunk of the suspect vehicle.

     Officers also located the vehicle in the 3500 block of Township Drive that had its catalytic converter stolen.

     All four suspects were booked into the Ventura County Jail for Grand Theft and Conspiracy.