Simi Cupid's Robbed By Knife Wielding Suspect

Sunday October 28, 2018

     Simi Valley police say the "Cupid's Hot Dog" restaurant at 2585 Cochran Street was robbed by a knife-wielding suspect wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. 

    It happened shortly after 3:30 PM Sunday afternoon.

    Police say the suspect wearing the helmet that covered his face, and armed with a large fixed blade knife, walked up to the cashier and demanded the contents of the cash register.

   The victim complied with the demand and the suspect fled on a motorcycle that was spotted by Simi police on the eastbound 118 Freeway.

   Police tried to stop the suspect but he failed to yield and there was a pursuit that continued on the eastbound 118 from Simi Valley into the San Fernando Valley.

   The suspect got off at Tampa Street and the pursuing police units lost sight of him.

   The LAPD airship was called in to help both Simi and LAPD units on the ground search for the suspect, but they did not find him.

   There were no injuries in the incident.