Malibu Quake2

Scientists Revise The Number And Size Of Wednesday's Quakes Near Malibu

Wednesday January 25, 2023

     Updated--Scientists have revised the number and size of the series of small earthquakes that struck in the ocean 10 miles south of Malibu early Wednesday morning.

     They initially indicated a main quake and then three aftershocks but there were actually six aftershocks and three of the initial ones were slightly stronger than first thought.

     After the main 4.2 quake at 2 AM, there was an aftershock three minutes later that was put at 3.5 but was later revised upward to 3.6 magnitude.

     That was followed by what was a 2.8 at 2:22 AM.

     But that was also revised upward to a 2.9 magnitude.

     Then a new aftershock at 2:25 at 1.3 magnitude.

     The aftershock at 2:38 AM that was put at 2.6 was also revised upward to 2.8 magnitude.

     And then finally two new aftershocks, both put at 1.6, with one at 6:05 AM and the other at 10:07 AM.

     There were no reports of damage or injuries but the main quake and at least some of those aftershock were felt by people in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.