Prison For A Man Who Kidnapped His Estranged Wife At Gunpoint Near Fillmore

Wednesday September 11, 2019

     A man who shot his way into his estranged wife's home near Fillmore and then kidnapped her at gunpoint was sentenced this week to 23 years in state prison.

   24-year-old Isaias Arana had earlier pleaded guilty to kidnapping, first degree residential burglary, imprisonment by violence, disobeying a domestic violence court order, and battery.

   He also admitted that all those crimes were committed with the use of a gun.

   Prosecutors say that on April 24, 2019, Arana shot out a window of a home on Hopper Canyon Road east of Fillmore where his estranged wife was staying with a child and two other women.

   He then entered the house and kidnapped her, taking her to the San Fernando Valley where she managed to escape and find her way back to Ventura County.

   Meanwhile, Arana was arrested by Los Angeles authorities and brought back to Ventura County.

   He did all this despite a court order that he stay away from his estranged wife.

   Fortunately there were no injuries during the incident.