Port Hueneme Relaxes Some Beach Restrictions

Monday May 25, 2020

(Photos courtesy PHPD)

     The City of Port Hueneme relaxed some of the restrictions for people visiting their beach, so far the only beach in Ventura County that allows people to sit on the beach.

    Here is what Port Hueneme is saying about that...

"The City of Port Hueneme Defense and Disaster Council has softened their restrictions at Hueneme Beach based on the most recent information released by Public Health officials. To help balance the increasing activity at the beach beginning this Memorial Day Weekend, Social Distancing Markers have been placed in the sand to assist people with maintaining their distance.
This innovative measure will be implemented on a trial basis and may be used throughout the Summer if successful. These devices have been installed to help promote social distancing and help visitors know exactly where to set up for the day. We are asking everyone to please use these social distancing markers.
Chief Salinas stated, “We have been trying to find a way which will allow beach goers to stay at the beach for extended periods of time while maintaining social distancing, I believe we have found our answer. While this may not be the perfect solution, we understand the need to be outdoors and especially at the beach. This is just another pathway back to normal life.”
Our ability to abide by social distancing guidelines and beach restrictions will factor into our decision to keep Hueneme Beach open. Please continue to practice social distancing for the safety of yourself and others.
Port Hueneme Lifeguards will be on-duty this Memorial Day Weekend.
Beach restrictions still include gathering in large groups with people outside of your household, physical activity which involves any type of contact such as football, soccer, and volleyball. Our pier, picnic tables, BBQs, and playground equipment continue to be closed.
Our main parking lot has been reopened along with our restrooms. As a reminder, dogs and bicycles and not allowed on the sand.
Why not open street parking? It helps prevent people from simply congregating and hanging out in their vehicles. It also continues to help expand our walkways for people walking in both directions and it creates an even bigger bicycle lane for those at the beach. As we slowly lessen the restrictions, street parking may be opened in the next phase. If we find there is congestion in the main parking lot, we may also consider opening additional parking lots.
Please do your part by following these new guidelines and we hope everyone has a safe and healthy Memorial Day Weekend.
For more information, please visit our website at www.PortHuenemeEmergency.org. "