Oxnard Police Conduct An Extensive Search To Catch A Career Criminal

Wednesday December 19, 2018

(Photos courtesy Oxnard PD)

     The Oxnard Police Department conducted an extensive search Wednesday to catch a man they say has an extensive criminal record after he fled from officers.

   It started at 11:14 AM when officers looking for a recently stolen vehicle spotted it traveling in the 600 block of Hueneme Road.

   The 2008 Honda Accord was followed into the parking lot of the Playa Inn Motel where it parked.

   When the driver spotted the officers, he fled in the vehicle and traveled at speeds of 65 miles per hour through residential neighborhoods finally abandoning the car in the 4500 block of South "G" Street, just west of Hueneme High School.

   Officers set up a perimeter and then spent several hours going house-to-house, yard-to-yard, looking for the suspect.

   Then, shortly before 3 PM, they received a 9-1-1 call from a resident saying someone was hiding in a bedroom closet.

   Officers, including a K-9, responded and took 47-year-old James Prizzi intro custody.

   Prizzi was arrested for vehicle theft, burglary, felony evading, and outstanding felony warrants.

   Police say Prizzi's long criminal history includes robbery, multiple vehicle thefts, assault with a deadly weapon, fraud, and narcotics arrests.