A Warmer, More Intense Storm Due In Ventura County Midweek

Sunday December 1, 2019

(Photo is from the Frazier Peak Lookout cam Sunday morning)

     Updated--Ventura County is getting ready for another storm system that's due in Tuesday-Thursday.

    This will be a different storm than last week's.

     The amount of rain we get will be about the same as last week, but it will be more intense, especially in the areas that will see thunderstorms.

    It will also be a warmer storm.

    It will tap into an atmospheric river of warm moisture that will raise the snow level above 6,000 feet.

    It may also include an orographic effect which means south-facing slopes in Ventura County receiving some of the heaviest rain.

    For the most part, the wet weather will stay north of Ventura County Monday with some rain starting Tuesday.

    But the main part of the storm, as far as Ventura County is concerned, will be Wednesday.

    That's when we will see the heaviest rain and any problems that should result, especially in the burn areas.

     Meanwhile, most of Ventura County received more than two inches of rain and several inches of snow from last week's storm.

    Interstate Five is open over the Grapevine and Highway 33 is open through the Los Padres National Forest according to Caltrans and the CHP web pages.

    Highway 154 should be open by Monday morning.

    Here are some rainfall totals for the past five days through Sunday morning at 9:30 AM in several Ventura County communities...

Camarillo               1.81 

CSUCI                    2.56

Fillmore                 2.07   

Moorpark               2.00 

Newbury Park        1.65 

Ojai                       2.14  

Oak View               1.89

Oxnard (NWS)        2.21

Port Hueneme        1.69

Santa Paula           2.35

Saticoy                 2.21

Simi Valley            1.81

Somis                   2.59

Thousand Oaks      2.12

Ventura                 2.08

And on some foothill and mountain areas...

Dough Flat above Fillmore  3.01

Old Man Mountain above Lake Casitas  2.32

Spanish Hills above Camarillo  2.44

South Mountain between Santa Paula and Somis  2.25

Deals Flat in the Santa Monica Mountains between PCH and Newbury Park 2.91