Marijuana Laden Panga Boat Seized In Ventura County

Saturday September 14, 2019


(Photos courtesy Ventura County Sheriff's Office)

     The United States Coast Guard says they found a beached panga boat along the south coast of Ventura County that was loaded with marijuana.

   They received word around 6:20 AM Saturday of an abandoned 35-foot panga boat on the beach in the area of PCH and Deer Creek Road in Ventura County.

   On board the boat were 41 bales of marijuana weighing about 577 pounds.

   There were also 37 large containers filled with approximately 605 gallons of gasoline inside the panga boat, floating in the water, and some on the beach.

   The  smugglers store a large amount of fuel to power the boat on its journey.

   The Coast Guard dispatched a Dophin helicopter from their forward base at Point Mugu to check the area for anyone who might be in distress.

   No one was found, no arrests were made.

   They also responded the Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Ventura County Fire Department and State Park Lifeguards.

   They assisted with the recovery and removal of the boat and the marijuana.