"Maria Fire" 100% Contained, Fully Controlled Is Another Matter

Wednesday November 6, 2019


(Photos courtesy Ventura County Fire)

     The "Maria Fire" was 100% contained Wednesday, but making sure it's completely out is another matter.

   Full containment simply means they have a line all around the fire, but within that area there can be "hot spots" that can sometimes be hard to find.

   In addition to deep seeded areas of heat and smoldering vegetation, there are compost piles in the largely agricultural areas that can take a lot of time an effort to put out.

   There may also be flare-ups within the burn area.

   And ash from the fire is still falling in other areas of the county.

   This is not unusual for any significant vegetation fire and the area will continue to be monitored.

   The "Maria Fire" began a week ago on the top of South Mountain and burned down to Somis, Saticoy and the Santa Clara River south of Santa Paula.

   Two homes were lost in Somis on the first night of the fire while some outbuildings were also burned near Santa Paula in the days that followed.

   The cause of the fire was under investigation.