Ruelas Edgar Rodriguez

Man Accused Of Sexual Assaults And Other Crimes In Ventura County Ordered To Stand Trial

Monday June 20, 2022

     Updated--A man Ventura County authorities allege was involved in several sexual assaults and other related crimes in Ventura and Thousand Oaks over several years has been ordered to stand trial.

     Following a recent three-day preliminary hearing, the judge found sufficient evidence to order 39-year-old Edgar Rodriguez Ruelas "held-to-answer" on more than a half dozen felony charges and three dozen special allegations.

     The Ventura crimes happened in 2016.

     A man wearing gloves, dark clothes and a ski mask was entering residences in the early morning hours and sexually assaulting and attempting to sexually assault female victims.

     At the time, Ruelas was living on Webster Street south of the 126 Freeway and east of the County Government Center, a location only a couple of miles from the crimes.

     Then in 2017 there was a similar crime at a residence on Saint Charles Drive in Thousand Oaks.

     And finally, in 2020, an attempted assault on a teenage girl on a hiking trail in Oak Park.

     Those crimes ultimately led to the arrest of Ruelas who had left Ventura and was living in Woodland Hills.

      The authorities in Thousand Oaks had developed DNA, cell phone, and other evidence allegedly pointing to Ruelas as the suspect plus evidence to suggest he might have been involved in the Ventura crimes.

    Ventura police then looked at Ruelas in connection with the 2016 crimes and determined that he was their suspect.

     Ruelas remains in the Ventura County Jail with bail set at $5 million and he is due in court later this month to have a trial date set.