KVTA Wednesday News Briefs

Wednesday June 22, 2022

     It appears that thieves aren’t wasting time stealing the catalytic converter off some vehicles; they’re saving the hassle and just taking the whole vehicle.

     Oxnard police say they these days car thieves are targeting Chevy and GMC trucks.

     They say the thefts are all over the city and the thieves are especially fond of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra full-sized trucks.

     Since the first of this year, more than two-dozen Chevy trucks and a half dozen GMC Sierras have been reported taken.

     Evidence shows the thieves found a way to defeat the vehicle’s ignition system.

     Investigators believe the vehicles are taken to “chop shops” in the Los Angeles area and dismantled for parts, including the catalytic converter.

     Police say vehicle owners need to do what they can to make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal their vehicle, most especially make sure it’s always locked up tight and kept in a secure or at least well lighted area.

     A vehicle alarm system wouldn’t hurt and you can also add protection with wheel locks, brake pedal locks, and steering wheel locks.

     It’s no guarantee against vehicle theft but at least the thief will have to work for once in their life even if it is not honest work.




     Ventura County Supervisors have adopted a new budget for the coming fiscal year.

     They say the $2.7 billion spending plan is balanced and is almost 6 percent more than the current budget.

     The county says it is focused on board priorities such as expanding mental health services, ending homelessness, climate action, and pandemic recovery.

     Of the $2.7 billion, almost $1.3 billion is the general fund and $1.4 billion is other funds for programs outside of the general fund.

     Countywide full-time equivalent position allocations increased by 250 to more than 10,000.




     Simi Valley police say they’ve made an arrest in connection with a felony hit-and-run incident earlier this month.

     They say on the afternoon of June 13th a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of 1464 Madera Road.

     Police released a photo and description of the vehicle and the female suspect to the public and based on tips they received an arrest was made on June 22nd.

     They say that 44-year-old Juana Jimenez of Oxnard was booked into the Ventura County Jail for Felony Hit and Run.

     Her bail was set at $50,000.