Investigators Look Into Cause Of Boat Fire At Channel Islands Harbor

Friday March 24, 2023




(Boat fire photos courtesy VCFD PIO)

     Investigators were looking into the cause of Friday morning's boat fire at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard.

     The large pleasure craft had been docked at the harbor when it caught fire.

     When firefighters arrived a little before 11 AM the boat was well involved in flames.

     Firefighters determined that it was too dangerous to enter the vessel so they let the boat burn while protecting surrounding boats and structures.

     No one was onboard the boat and no injuries were reported.




     Ventura County's unemployment rate in February was 4.1 percent compared to 4.2 percent in January.

     The February rate was slightly lower than February of last year when it stood at 4.3 percent.

     It was better that the current statewide average in California which was 4.8 percent but worse than the current national average which is 3.9 percent.

     As far as jobs are concerned, Ventura County gained 4,000 jobs from January to February with every sector showing an increase except for Mining and Logging, Trade Transportation and Utilities, Information, and Financial Activities.

     Year to year, Ventura County gained 6700 jobs withe every sector showing an increase except for Information, Financial Activities, and Professional and Business Services.



Simi Theft 032423

(Photo courtesy SVPD)

     Simi Valley police say they've made yet another arrest of someone from Los Angeles County coming up to Ventura County to steal.

     They say in this case it was a 47-year-old man from San Gabriel who allegedly stole several hundred dollars worth of cosmetics from the CVS in the 3900 block of Cochran Street Friday night and then left in a vehicle.

     The vehicle was spotted a short distance away and stopped but the suspect refused to cooperate with officers and was ultimately taken into custody after police used what they described as "a minor use of force."

     Police say in the vehicle they found not only the merchandise taken from the CVS but also about $1300 worth of additional merchandise taken as the result of theft.

     The man was booked into the Ventura County Jail for Grand Theft and Resisting Arrest and was free on bail by Saturday morning.