Ketch Incident

Gunfire Creates Tense Situation In Oxnard Apartment Complex

Monday September 11, 2023


(Photo courtesy OPD)

    There were some tense moments in an Oxnard neighborhood Monday morning when a man started shooting up his apartment and also started a small fire leading to a massive law enforcement response.

     It all started around 8:40 AM when Oxnard firefighters responded to a report of a structure fire in a third floor unit of the apartment complex in the 3700 block of Ketch Avenue just east of Victoria Avenue.

     When firefighters arrived on scene they received reports and also heard gunfire and immediately requested police.

     As fire units pulled back to safety and residents near the unit were evacuated, officers poured into the area.

     They set up a perimeter, secured the area, and began an effort to contact the 47-year-old Oxnard man inside the apartment.

     The finally made verbal contact with the man and he admitted firing at least one shot into his ceiling.

     He also said he had started a small fire in a trash can that he had extinguished himself.

     About an hour after it started, the man, shirtless, but compliant, surrendered to police without further incident.

     He was arrested on a variety of charges including being under the influence of drugs, negligent discharge of a firearm, and arson.

     No one was injured in the incident.

     Police seized a shotgun, two pistols, a semi-automatic rifle with a suppressor, and ammunition.

     Police say they are going to seek a court order barring the man from possessing a firearm.