Vandenberg Launch Called Off Until At Least December 30th

Thursday December 20, 2018

(Photo courtesy United Launch Alliance)

Here is a link to live coverage

     Thursday update--The launch of the spy satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base will not happen before December 30th as the United Launch Alliance investigates what caused elevated hydrogen levels on the port booster that scrubbed Wednesday evening's launch.

     It was the fourth time the Delta-IV Heavy rocket from the base in western Santa Barbara County had its launch scrubbed.

    That comes after a scrubbed launch Tuesday because of strong ground winds and two earlier scrubs on December 7th and 8th for technical glitches.

    The United Launch Alliance rocket will carry a satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office that will provide "real-time" and other information for the Amerian military and U-S intelligence agencies.

    When the rocket is launched it will travel into space in a southerly direction from western Santa Barbara County over the Santa Barbara Channel past Ventura County.