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New Details About The "Incident" At The Oaks Mall In Thousand Oaks

Saturday December 05, 2020

     Updated--The Ventura County Sheriff's Office released more details about Saturday night's incident at the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks that prompted a false report of shots being fired which produced a massive law enforcement response.

     As was reported earlier, the whole thing started when two men confronted a third man over his refusal to wear a mask inside the mall.

     That turned into a fight, described by the authorities as a "melee".

     They say at that point, an off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy intervened.

     The authorities say as the incident became more violent, the deputy identified himself as a deputy and pulled out a handgun.

      At that point, the fight "quickly ended."

      But 911 started receiving several calls reporting shots being fired and also of a brandishing of a firearm.

      Other callers said that the off-duty LA deputy had pulled out his concealed handgun to stop a fight.

      No shots were fired, there were only some minor injuries from the fight, and none of those involved wanted to pursue any criminal charges.

      But the incident prompted a false report of a shooting and that created the massive 16 patrol car response.