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Deputies Look For Suspect In Big Rig Fuel Theft In Camarillo

Sunday January 22, 2023

Theft FuelA

     Deputies in Camarillo were investigating the theft of fuel from a tractor-trailer rig Friday night.

     It happened in the 1300 block of Del Norte Road near Central Avenue.

     Video of the incident shows the thief takes a hose from inside the van to the fuel tank on the big rig and then pumps the fuel to what is likely a large tank inside the van.

     The big rig operator discovered the theft and reported it Saturday.

     At last report, they were still trying to identify and locate the suspect.

     These types of relatively large scale fuel thefts have occurred in the past at various locations including gasoline stations.

     The Triple-A Fuel Gauge Survey shows the average price for diesel fuel in Ventura County has been holding at around $5.80 a gallon.