Camarillo Airport

County Says No Expansion Of Camarillo Airport

Thursday January 13, 2022

     A new survey says Camarillo residents do not want any expansion of operations at Camarillo Airport.

     They do not want to see commercial airline flights, cargo flights or any other significant change.

     And now the County of Ventura, which owns and operates the airport, says it has no plans to make any such changes.

     The county says it is no longer asking the City to Camarillo to explore changes to the joint powers agreement they established in 1976.

     Last year there were community concerns that Amazon would use the airport for cargo operations and what were described as other "rumors" of expansion including commercial passenger airline flights.

     The County Airports Director says that's not going to happen.

     Camarillo Airport services include general aviation, emergency medical flights, law enforcement, search and rescue and firefighting flights, flight training, personal travel, charter, light cargo, and business travel.