Garcia Neydi

Camarillo Woman Admits Stealing Almost $1 Million From Employer

Friday May 26, 2023

     A Camarillo woman Friday admitted stealing almost $1 million from her employer over several years.

     40-year-old Neydi Garcia changed her plea to guilty on seven counts of Grand Theft, one count of Identity Theft, and one count of Filing False Tax Returns.

     She also admitted 39 special allegations including taking more than $500,000, taking advantage of a position of trust, and committing the crime using planning and sophistication.

     She remains free on bail pending a restitution and sentencing hearing set for August 9th.

     Prosecutors say that in 2016 Garcia was hired by a Camarillo businessman and rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer, responsible for her employer's personal and business finances.

     They say in March of 2017, Garcia began embezzling money from him and his business until her crime was discovered in May of 2019.

     She stole more than $900,000.