Black Bear Roams Simi Valley Neighborhood

Friday May 22, 2020

(Photos courtesy Simi Valley PD)


From Simi Valley PD...

"On 05/22/20 at approximately 0140 hrs., SVPD officers responded to the report of a black bear roaming through an industrial complex at 2280 Ward Avenue. Upon arrival, they observed an approximately 100 lb. male black bear wandering the area, presumably looking for picnic baskets. The bear was visually contained and a CA Dept. of Fish & Game officer responded to the scene. After a somewhat lengthy game of “cat and mouse”, the bear was cornered, safely tranquilized and, like a key government witness, relocated to an undisclosed remote location far away from the city

SVPD would like to remind residents to keep all compartmentalized woven baskets, red/white table cloths, fine china, silverware, linens, and, most importantly, any and all food items, safely stored inside their residences."