Female Kittens 113 115

All Female Litter Of 3 Mountain Lion Kittens Found In Simi Hills

Thursday May 25, 2023

(Photo courtesy NPS)

     Biologists with the National Park Service say that mountain lion P-77 recently gave birth to three female kittens in the Simi Hills.

     That's an area between the Santa Monica and Santa Susana mountain ranges.

     The new kittens, designated P-113, P-114, and P-115, were found May 18th in a dense patch of poison oak nestled among large boulders.

     All three appeared to be healthy and were determined to be 24 days old when discovered based on when P-77 first arrived at the site.

     P-77 is estimated to be between 5-6 years old.

     Her range appears to be in the mountains north of the 101 and south of the 118.

     Scientists believe she had a previous litter.

     The father of this new litter is unknown.

     There have been several other litters from other mountains lions that have ranged in the Simi Hills since scientists began their study more than two decades ago.

     These three new kittens were tagged but they will not be fitted with a radio collar until later.