Ventura County Crops Rise In Value Despite Challenges From Mother Nature And Humans

Tuesday July 30, 2019

     Ventura County's Agriculture continues to grow in value despite challenges from Mother Nature and humans.

   The County Agricultural Commissioner's Office released the 2018 Crop Report Tuesday.

   It showed the value of all crops in the county rose slightly last year compared to 2017 to over $2.1 billion dollars.

   This was despite losses because of continuing damage to crops from the Thomas Fire (see photo) and the extreme summer heat.

   The top crop in Ventura County continues to be Strawberries at more than $670 million.

   Lemons came in number 2 at $244 million; Celery was 3rd at $198 million; Nursery Stock 4th at $194 million: Raspberries were 5th at $181 million; Avocados 6th at $103 million; Tomatoes were 7th at $48 million; Cut Flowers 8th at $48 million; Peppers 9th at $43 million; and Cabbage 10th at $36 million.