Thief Picks Wrong Woman To Rob In Ventura

Thursday December 20, 2018

     Ventura police say a thief got more than he bargained for in Ventura Wednesday night.

   They say a 22-year-old Ventura woman was about to drive home from work in the 2000 block of East Main Street when she realized she had left something behind.

   She left her car unlocked as she ran back inside to get the item.

   When she returned she found a man rummaging through her car.

   Police say the woman confronted the man and they struggled as she tried to detain him for police.

   The man pushed the woman to the ground and ran off with some of her property.

   The woman got up, chased the man, and a block away she tackled the man to the ground and held him until officers arrived.

   Police say they arrested 23-year-old Erick Stevenson of Ventura for robbery.