Ventura County Man Admits Burning Down His House

Tuesday June 11, 2019

     A Ventura County man has admitted intentionally burning down his house after it had been repossessed and sold.

   61-year-old Rainer Hirschfelder of Frazer Park pleaded guilty to a single count of felony arson.

   The authorities say that in early May, Hirschfelder, having lost his home on Birch Trail to foreclosure, decided to burn it down.

   They say he set the fire and then slipped out of the house, leaving the impression he was still inside.

   After firefighters put the fire out, they seached for his remains, but found nothing.

   They say after he set the fire and left the house, Hirschfelder actually stayed around and watched the effort to save the home.

   When the authorities realized he did not die in the fire, they located Hirschfelder at residence in the Lockwood Valley and he was arrested.

   Because he pleaded guilty right away, Hirschfelder will likely get a year in the county jail and three years probation.

   He could have faced up to eight years in prison.