Thursday's Amgen Races Will Have Traffic Impacts In Ventura County, Especially in Ventura

Tuesday May 14, 2019

(Photo of last year's Amgen start in Ventura by Alex Wilson, KVTA News)

     The Amgen Tour of California will be impacting traffic on a number of streets and roads Thursday, especially in Ventura which is hosting the finish of the men's Stage 5 that will start in Pismo Beach and end near the County Fairgrounds and Surfer's Point, and, the women's Stage 1 race that will both start and end in Ventura.


Here is the rundown of road closures from the VPD...

On Thursday, May 16th, the following streets will be shut down and traffic will be diverted between the hours of 10:00 am – 4:30 pm:

- Westbound Harbor Blvd @ Sanjon Rd.

- Southbound & Northbound California St. between Harbor Blvd.& Thompson Boulevard.

- Northbound 101 traffic exiting California St. will be diverted north on California Street.

** Officers will allow traffic southbound Sanjon Rd. to westbound Harbor Blvd. intermittently for access to the Crowne Plaza, the pier, and apartments on Paseo de Playa. The easiest access for these locations will be southbound Figueroa St. from Thompson Blvd. There will be three separate times that temporary road closures will occur and no vehicles will be allowed on the street, the women’s race start, the women’s race finish, and the men’s race finish.

No parking signs have been placed on the route, 72 hours in advance.

Vehicles will not be allowed to park on the following streets starting at 5:00 am on Thursday, May 16th.

Parking and vehicular traffic will be allowed on the course at the conclusion of the race.

The following areas will experience temporary road closures during the race:

**Times are approximate and subject to change

 -11:55 am (approximate duration of closure: 30- 40 minutes)

- Shoreline Dr to Figueroa St.

- Figueroa St. from Harbor Blvd. to Santa Clara St.

- Santa Clara St. from Figueroa St. to Oak St.

- Oak St. from Santa Clara St. to Poli St.

- Poli St. from Oak St. to Cedar St.

- Cedar St. from Poli St. to Kellogg St.

- Kellogg St. from Cedar St. to Ventura Ave.

- Ventura Ave. from Ramona St. to Shell Rd.

- Stanley Ave. from Olive St. to Ventura Ave

2:20 pm (approximate duration of closure: 40 minutes)

3:10 pm (approximate duration of closure: 35 minutes)

** There is a possibility there will not be a 10 minute gap between finishes and the course could remain closed from 2:20 pm – 3:45 pm or later.

- Ventura Ave. from Shell Rd. to Ramona St.

- Stanley Ave. from Olive St. to Ventura Ave.

- Kellogg St. from Ventura Ave. to Cedar St.

- Cedar St. from Kellogg St. to Poli St.

- Ferro Dr. from Cedar St. through Grant Park to Summit Dr.

- Summit Dr. from Grant Park to Kalorama St.

- Kalorama St. from Summit Dr. to Poli St.

- Poli St. from Kalorama St. to Hemlock St.

- Hemlock St. from Poli St. to Thompson Blvd.

- Thompson Blvd. from Hemlock St. to Sanjon Rd.

- Sanjon Rd. from Thompson Blvd. to Harbor Blvd.

- Harbor Blvd. from Sanjon Rd. to Figueroa St.

- California St. from Thompson Blvd. to Harbor Blvd


Grant Park will remain closed for the entire day to all vehicular traffic except for emergency and race vehicles. There will be NO PUBLIC PARKING at Grant Park, Ferro Dr., or on Summit Drive.

Spectators are encouraged to park off the race course and walk to their destination.

Times are subject to change based on the speed of the riders and environmental factors. The above times are approximate guidelines and for the safety of the racers, only emergency and race vehicles will be allowed on the course when the riders are in the city.

The course will be opened immediately following the conclusion of the race at approximately 4:00 pm.


Note: in addition to the above street closures in Ventura, Highway 192 and 150 from Carpinteria into the Ojai Valley will be impacted, as will Santa Ana Road, Casitas Vista Road, and Ventura Avenue for both men's and women's races.