3 Chilean Visitors In The U.S. On Visas Are Arrested For Vehicle Burglaries In Ventura And LA Counties

Friday April 12, 2019

     Simi Valley police say they've arrested threee men from Chile, in the United States on visas, who are accused of using a high tech method of burglarizing vehicles.

   They say the men used an electronic jamming device which interrupted the signal from the victim's key fob when they were "locking" their vehicle.

   Police say the victims thought they had locked the vehicle when they walked away, but they did not, because of the jamming device.

   The suspects then had easy access to the vehicle and could steal items from inside.

   Police say the vehicle burglaries happened in both Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

   Detectives say during their surveillance operation the suspects would pick vehicles in secluded areas where the owner was going to be away from the vehicle for a long time, like a hiking trail head.

   Police say they arrested the suspects on April 10th during a traffic stop following their surveillance operation.

   They identified the suspects as 29-year-old Jonathan Garay, 22-year-old Eduardo Queralto, and 22-year-old Kevin Castillo, all from Chile and in the United States on a temporary visa.

   Police say to avoid falling victim to this kind of theft, when you activate you vehicle's key fob to lock it, make sure there is the usual confirmation like the horn sounding or the lights flashing.

   They say in all these cases, the vehicle owner pressed the fob but did not pay attention when the normal confirmation that it worked did not happen because the signal was jammed.